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  1. Default parts needed 40 dodge truck

    Hey every one
    ok as you can tell I'm new here so here it goes
    I'm building a 40 dodge truck ..I'm trying to go old school with the body...original body and hop the engine and tranny...the body isnt bad but the glass is shot...the windshield frame is toast...would any one have one they would part with.
    I also have some extra parts...a upper and lower nose with chrome that I would sell or trade for a windshield frame.
    Also I'm in need of a workable title for this project ...any body have any ideas where to get 1?
    Any and all help would be great.

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    Default NEEDED: passender side quarter window for 28/29 5-window coupe

    I need the entire passenger side sheet metal for the quarter window for a standard coupe. I can make a special coupe work though.

    Cost + shipping to 66061.


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