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    Default lookin for rat rod ideas for new school rat

    here is my plan and idea. i have 2 1978 chevy trucks. i am thinking of choppin the roof off, shave the handles. channel the floor put an old school 50s bed on, fenderless and find an old tractor shroud for my grill. nice wide 50s in the rear and 8s up front for the tire package. set the suspention low drop a 350 chevy in with a 3 speed. lake style pipes of some hooker headers. flat black paint, bucket seats.

    give me you thoughts. any tips that would help me and any pics of project same in nature. plan on startin this fall and hope to have it on the road by spring for the car shows !:D

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    Reverend_Grimm13 Guest


    Oh please no...Not again..

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    aint the name of the game when it comes to a rat rod ! a cheap home made rod that looks good. if ya dont like the idea .... then dont reply to it ... that simple!

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    jim, you said give me your thoughts........
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    Wanting ideas for a "new school rat" what the Hell is a new school rat???
    has 2 post on here and allready bitching about the comments he has recieved........and he ask for them..
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim91303 View Post
    aint the name of the game when it comes to a rat rod ! a cheap home made rod that looks good. if ya dont like the idea .... then dont reply to it ... that simple!
    Essentially you answered your own question as to why we are making fun of you. A late 70s truck looks like **** to start with, really all you would be doing is polishing a turd. You could go hang out with a bunch of rubes to get ideas for your truck, but definitely do not ask any rodders. They would probably die from laughing so hard at your stupid question. Respect our opinions that you asked for and come back when you have a good idea for a rod, something pre 60s and no imports.
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    just notch the frame in back, bag it and dump it to the ground, chop it, raise the floor, shave it, and paint it flat

    sounds pretty nasty to me..

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    damn you guys are brutal..

    Jim I see what you are trying to do but the response you got here is what you would get at most shows you took it to. if this is how you want to build your truck then more power to you. I dont think the tractor shell would look good at all. I think you should stick with the stock front end.. go ahead and cut the top. use the stock bed. the older beds dont look right on the square body.. there is a truck here in vegas thats a late 70's chevy he cut the roof off then cut the windshield down a few inches and dropped the suspension.. truck looks good. I think your over complicating things.. keep it simple and I think you will have better results..good luck with your build and dont get discouraged by other peoples remarks.. again if you can take the heat...

    good luck

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    if you want to do that with your truck, go ahead, but dont post it on here, dont show it on here, dont talk about it on here, this topic of cars after 68 being "rat rodded" (the cool thing now adays! :eek:) has been beat to death, come back when you have some real old metal
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    ya know .... i asked for your ideas and thoughts on the build ... NOT what a rod should be ...... ya old school guys say only pre 60s can be a rod ... well F- that ! a rod can be anything as long as its done right and looks good. just cause its not a common rod does mean it aint a rod.

    its bull sh@t responces like some of these that make a good web site waiste to be on ... because of other members who cant respect another mans idea and give positive input. instead ya just say your idea is stupid, a pollished turd ..etc. WHAT EVER! and if i wish to post pics of it on here ...... guess what ... I WILL ! its a free site and last i looked a free country !



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