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  1. Default 1932 - 1934 Truck Grille Shell

    I've got a 34 Ford truck on the original chassis. The grille shell I have is completely rotted out on the bottom. I was wondering is a 32 car shell will work over my 34 radiator? Anyone know if their pretty much the same? The re-pop steel 32 shells are a lot cheaper than an original 34 commercial grille.

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    Check some of the Streetrod Radiator company sites,
    and see if they list the same rad for both shells.

    Places like Walker etc.

    They might also include dimensions.

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    the only difference should be the depth. the deuce car grill shell is alittle smaller front to back wise compared to 33/34 grill shells. not 100% sure on this but i remember reading this just the other day.

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    Would I be better off just using a 32 front cross member and radiator? The 32 Radiator mounts to the top of the cross member. The 34 radiator mounts in front of the cross member.

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    I put a 34 Ford truck shell on my 26 T Roadster. Its 2-3 inches wider, deeper, & longer than a 32. I cut 4" out of the sides to shorten it to fit over a large aluminum Rad, and not drag --had to cool a 455 hot rodded pontiac with constant heating problems (which were solved).

    The Truck shells are hard to find, and are Xpensive, but a cool item. I bet your half rusted out shell is worth more that a good 32. Ya might do some trading with someone for a good 32, or repair/rebuild the one ya got-(it'd probably be worth the trouble, they're pretty desireable.)

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    just use the one that you have:cool:



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