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    Default 1958 edsel...whats it worth??

    Ok fellas, some of you know me. I'm a chevy rat rod fan, not into anything else. But, i've come across a 1958 Edsel in the woods looking for truck parts. The guy said it was running just a year ago, needs some brake work and has the original straight 6..Looks like all of it's there except for the chrome wheels i noticed. Clear NC title.. Could use a good bath...What do u guys think something like that would be worth? He has told me to "just make a offer"...Being the nice guy (this week), I didn't want to hurt his feelings..So I declined to make a offer yet. But he's a pretty good old hot rodder, so I said I would check around and get some pics to see what people thought. If you might be interested let me know, I'm planning on going back down there this weekend and get some pics and pick up a truck I bought from him... Think about it and let me know.......take care...keep riding...Doug

    I forgot, it's a 4-door..not sure if it's a Pacer,Corsair,Citation or a Ranger.. I'll get that info, my bad...should have had that info before posting.....sorry..
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    Welcome Doug,
    I'd start by checking Hemmings,
    and see if you can find any Edsel's on there that compare to the one you found.


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    Thumbs up 58 EdSeL

    hEY man that dsel shouldnt have a straight six all edsels came with v8, ranger and pacer came with the e400,, 400 as for torque and the engine size is a 361 or the citation and corsair came with the e460 i think the engine size o those was 392 or some think like that but ive never seen a straight six on a edsel you got pix its propably worth about 10 gs at the most if it does have a line 6:mad:

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    Cool Six Edsel

    Here is a six in an Edsal its on E-Bay now
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    Yeh i know that the 59 edsel have the straight six but i was talking about 1958 edsels only



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