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Suicide axle set ups lets see em'

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    hey i cant learn if i dont ask the questions thanks for all your great info


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      one more.......
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        Originally posted by Rokhound View Post
        hey i cant learn if i dont ask the questions thanks for all your great info

        the way you have the spring mounted, it will work backwards from its design. you will not have any spring dampning as it sits. kinda like not having a spring at all. now if you flip it the other way around it would work fine.


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          if you were to do it something like this it should be fine.

          green is the new cross member
          red is the spring working in the right fashon.
          yellow is the new spring perch.
          blue would be the brackets coming off of the axle.

          you still would have to run a 4 link, wish bone or some type of radius rods to keep it in place.


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            thanks for the help man i just got more stuff from speedway to day so i hope to see what this thing looks like here soon

            thanks again


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              look at it closer, they didnt just flip the leaf spring over. they also flipped all of the its working against the whole leaf pack not just the main spring. i think it would work fine. plus the owner said it drives fine at 65 mph


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                Here is our front end.


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                  Originally posted by donsrods View Post
                  As the years went on, Ford wishbones got stronger, mainly because the cars were getting bigger, heavier, and with more HP. Model A bones are pretty flimsy in comparison to those on a 48 Ford, for example. I'm using 37 bones on my T, and I added a plate to the bottom that is welded to a good portion of the underside. It gives me a place to mount the spring perch, and it ties in the front part of the bone with the hollow part, making it pretty strong. I can't take credit for this idea, I stole it from my Son Dan. He had used it on his Fordor sedan.

                  Here is how I (we did them).


                  My Son did the same thing for reinforcement, but put a tube through the wishbone and mounted a perch through it.

                  Well done , Don , a few more I saw and took a pic of . The first two pics are a nice attachment to the bones but the bone are still not reinforced , the second two pics show some heavy duty and neat looking reinforcement .
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                    i have seen recently pictures of a couple of 30-31 model A's that are placing the spring on top of the crossmember axle assembly and attaching it to the hairpins. i have never seen any detail shots of this, and i do not know what i will have to do to set it up. It looks to me like I'll have to cut the front framehorns off, flatten the spring crossmember, and build a couple of mounts onto my haripins. Do I need to use shackles, or do I go directly to the hairpins? What kind of spring do i need? And do i mount the spring with the odl style C bolts, or is there a stronger way to mount it?

                    Lastly, will split wishbeones be strong enough to support this style, or will i need to break down and buy hairpins.
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                      watch the pivots

                      I love the look of suicide and have one myself, but whenever I see talk about suicide axles , I can't help but think of my conversation with the Speedway rep., when I asked if they had spring pivots larger than 1/2 shanks. He said that Total Performance, whoich they bought out, used to make a larger pivot, but that they stopped. I got worried after I asked him if they had ever heard of problems, and the he exclaims, "I popped the right side going over a bridge on the way to a fair; it's lucky I was not going too fast!"

                      Once I heard all of this, I welded up a set of boltable cups, similar to driveshaft Cs for u-joints that are held in with two 1/2 inch bolts. Just so you folks know, I'll bet that most of you have 1/2 inch pivots that have been cast in China if you have purchased them in the past 15 years.

                      Now stop and think about a 5 grand smallblock, trans, rear, frame, body and all the other doodads, slammin to a halt from 80 mph and all that amplified weight relying on the shear value of two lug nut studs pressed in china; and doing this - over and over again.

                      Just my two cents and concerns. At least with spring over axle , shocks and bones, when something gives - it will roughly keep together; with suicide, you are done, hence the name.


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                        Here are some pics of a 38 ford truck i did for a customer.
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                          I'd post a pic of mine, but its now hidden under my grill


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                            Originally posted by harvcore View Post
                            Here are some pics of a 38 ford truck i did for a customer.
                            Those long steering arms have to cut the turning radius way down....Dan


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                              Originally posted by Ol Skool View Post
                              Those long steering arms have to cut the turning radius way down....Dan
                              The tuning radius is fine, it goes lock to lock. There is enough room for their travel and with a little enginering you can keep the tierod behind the axle where it should be and have spot on Ackerman.


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                                Originally posted by Ratman View Post
                                is that a gay rod? why is the axle rainbow? lol. my logic says no no on that too, but if fabbed properly it may work ok.
                                LOL damn that had me crackin up LOL