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new to the rat rod world.

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  • new to the rat rod world.

    i just turned 18, and am dying to find a cheap build. i have some knowledge, but could really use some leads. are there any good classifieds where i could find either a 20's-30's body or a 50's body?

    p.s.-being 18, im running a VERY tight budget, so i hope to have something to post in the under 3000 club.:D

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    I would try craig's list in your area, you could get lucky and find something. Here is something in your area
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      start with the cheep and free parts, kinda what im doing now. look around for a donar car and junk yards that may have other good parts. i took some stainless to the scrapers the other day and saw like 5 kegs that i suppose if i asked i could have swapped and just got less money. talk around with your buddies see if they know of any hoopdies that you could use the drive train, then scrap anything else. sofar i have 1 sbc motor 1 complete donar car 79 olds cutlass with olds 350 lots of metal to make frame floor gussets etc, radious rods, and so on and hasnt cost me anything. this way when it comes time to start spending you can better price your self. i know that i need pretty much the whole front end, and a radiator, master cylinder, guages and so on.
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        Craig just be patient and you find what you are looking for. You have your entire life ahead of you to build hot rods. Kill Billet is a great place for information. And their are some solid guys on this site to help you with your build.....

        Welcome and good luck....!!


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          You have definately found the right place. Be patient, don't try to get it done all at one time. You can also go to local car shows and always take the camera with you, take a pic of something you like and maybe someone here can help you out with a good , clean, and safe ride you can be proud of.

          Hope you find what you are looking for.

          Welcome to Killbillet


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            Cool, another Young guy like myself.

            I'm on a tight budget myself, I'm only 22 just got out of college and haven't found the right job yet. I just look for stuff that I can afford right now, usually small stuff, but I picked up my frame for $100 bucks at a swap, getting ready to pick up what i'm going to use for most of my body for $100 from a local guy, found the cowl and firewall I will use out in a field, the farmer gave it to me, I repaired the sides with some sheet steel I had layin around. Using an 89 350 Chevy out of a truck I bought and replaced it in. Turns out the bottom end is really nice and I have a set of 327 power pack heads that were just rebuilt when I got them laying that I traded an old beater for. You can do this pretty cheap you just have to be patient and put the word out for what you want.
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              I agree just be patient...I am 23 and also on a tight budget...I started looking for a 30's cab when i was 15 and didn't find in my price range worth messing with til feb of this year. It was a $100, then I get to keep the 350 out my truck i sold, and I found three rochester carbs for $20 a piece off of my old boss, as well as a radiator for $50. Just look and you will find them... go out cruisin in the country around farms and such to find old cars most of the time they are either not for sale or they are free just to get them out of the way. I had a buddy that stopped at a house and got a free 57 cause people had just bought the house and the wanted it gone and didn't know what it was. When we got it home opened the truck and it had all brand new repair panels for the bad spots in the car. Lucky Bastid. sorry for the long post. Keep your eyes open tho and you will find something.
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                I'm pretty much in the same boat as everyone else here. I'm 22, very very limited budget. As in like...i shouldn't buy anything and make a house payment instead budget. One skill you should learn is the art of trading. I'm in the process of trying to trade a semi running 82 Yamaha 750 seca (which i got for free) for a running 1950 International truck. At the same time i'm trying to save up for tools. Things like a welder and what not. I have no one to teach/show me so its going to be a lot of trial and error. If you don't quite have the money for something ask if they would be willing to trade for something...very good skill to have.

                Good luck and don't be scared to knock on doors and talk to people if you see something you want. Never know until you ask.


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                  i agree with most guys here. i just turned 20 yesterday but i started workin on my truck last winter. i went to salvage yards around and the local junk yard. if ya go to a salvage yard that actually has older stuff you can probably do pretty good. i went to a salvage yard and found a 1950 f-4 truck. it was a big grain truck but the cab is the same as an f-1 so i talked to the guy and he said i could have the cab for $150. he even took it off and loaded it on my trailer. i saw an old box sitting in the weeds and i asked him how much he wanted and he said $20 so i had a cab and box for under $200. at the junk yard i found some 2.02 heads and othe misc. stuff that helped me out. like one guy said...check the fence rows out in the country. a lot of old farmers drag stuff out there to get it out of the way. like i said earlier, i got my cab off an old grain truck and if you think about it grain trucks aren't used very much throughout the year so the cab is usually pretty solid and straight...just a thought. here's what i have now and i probably have less than $1000 and it runs
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                    Yeah i just turned 24 and i dont have an unlimited budget either. but when you think about it what rat rod guy does. i think we are all looking for the good deal and making something different out of nothing. if it was easy everyone would do it. were young we have plenty of time.


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                      I dont want to say the same thing as everyone else but same here, im only 16 so I dont have as many bills to pay but still have a tight budget. Look for cheap parts or cars and whatever work you can do yourself, do it. That way all the money you would have spent at someones shop can be put into parts.


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                        i am another with the tight budget, and am 21. i just picked up a second full time job on top of my old part time gig, i never sleep and always work but now i can afford nice stuff heh. i got lucky and only looked for about 2 months and found complete 48 chevy for 600. and have collected other freebies along the way from other car projects. all i need now is the rest of my front end gear and to build the 350 ive got sitting around and im ready to roll.


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                          Good to see you young guns have a goal

                          By the ways boys, there will always be times in your lives when you will think it never ends. I reccommend as stated before, take the time to be inventive and creative in your labors for cash on hand. it might sound corney to you young guns, but collect scrap off the road ways always adds up. Help clean up your local communities by collecting all the scrap and cashing it in for the bucks. I found by going to the city office and aquiring a liscence to actually have a scrap business, pays out real good with the local officials. You can actually get jobs from the city and have FREE MONEY tossed your way.
                          You will need a good dependable second truck and trailer. With a liscenece in hand, the local coppers are more liable to leave you allone and let you do your thing as a community scrap guy. You are doing a service and collecting free money. I have two trucks I am restoring for my scrap collecting. I go to construction sites and offer my services to clean up after their jobs are finished. I get paid on the side plus all the stuff is mine to do with what ever I see fit with the left overs.
                          I collect wood, tin, and steel to build quick 200sq. ft. sheds with no permits. I can build a shed for less then $100 and sell it for more then $700 to a home owner. I collect railroad ties for the foundations, 3/4" ply for the floors, and depending what they want for the walls is the key to good money. I like to use the metal studs and even add power for their sheds. FREE STUFF to build and make money is always the best way to quickly raise fundage for my builds.
                          Just a quick tip and simple idea for you and your tight budgets. Trust me, once you get hooked up with a girl, you loose 80% of your once available resource of money for your projects. And if you really get out on a limb and decide to have you really need to be inventive on hiding that quick money to do your builds. At 48 and 16 children later, I have learned how to make money grow on trees.:D

                          So, do take the time to do the math and collect what you can for FREE. If you can make off with rebarb, get what ever you can, learn how to pour concrete, this is a real good money maker. Every home owner could always use an extra pad for what ever reason.

                          Have fun.........Maximo


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                            I agree with Max, make friends with ur local scrap yard owner, scout the fields, go to swap meets, and keep an eye on the local papers. All my toys came from these sources.......